Sunday, March 29, 2009

The NMRA's Kalmbach Library

I just got my latest information from the NMRA's Kalmbach Library. If you aren't a member, here's a great reason to join. On my workbench is the HO scale Stampede Meat Packing Plant. I decided that Walther's plastic "wood" parts really didn't look right and didn't give a great feeling for the complexity of the wood pens and pathways for the cattle.

Many years ago I constructed the HO scale Campbell Stock Yard kit. Unfortunately I didn't keep the instructions, which I now do religiously. However, the Kalmbach Library keeps many of the kit plans that you might want to use. I wrote to them and for a whopping $1.50 I got a copy of how to build the pens.

I'll dig through my wood box and see what supplies I'll need, then I'll start building the pens.

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