Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, you'uns!

Down here in the Okefenokee things is a kinda quiet. We finally got
the snakes out of Old No. 1's cab and the Alligator Catcher on No. 6
has been fixed. Gladys and Gertrude, the logging alligators have
been given a pig a' piece and are sleeping comfortable near the shop
stove. We hope Santa doesn't come down the flue again. I had to
pay him for his pants last time.

We ain't got none of them fancy signal lights for Santa, but Gator
down at Gator's Bait Shack said he'd leave the light on for the Big
Guy. He's kinda worried about the Reindeer as it is huntin' season
down here in South Georgia. Gator says he's leaving out Shine n'
Cookies for Mr. Kringle.

Appears that Wild Mabel left her red light on, too.

Ya'll have a merry one, ya hear?

Scott Perry
Woods Foreman
Waycross & Southern RR Co.