Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little Help From a Friend

There is nothing like getting a little help from a friend. It is what I love most about the model railroad community. They are always willing to help. Tom dug through his files and mailed me a CD full of photos. You can't beat guys like Tom. I always try to do the same for people when they need help.

What I needed were some detailed photos and drawings of some prototype rail car trucks for some models I'm about to start. He responded to my request.

Hey, Scott,
The CD burned and is going out tomorrow. There are way more images than I recalled. Probably 30 or so hi-res pics plus the two drwg scans. Anyway, what's there will allow you to build a very good replica of the orginal box car. I shot the pics at the Fenimore, WI CNW Narrow Gauge Museum a couple of years ago. The CNW ran a 3' narrow gauge line from Fenimore down into IA. The locals called it "the Dinky".
There is a soft cover book available with drawings of the rolling stock and the 2-6-0 loco. Neat little line and perfect for conversion to On30.

Tom Houle []

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