Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Found a Fellow Swamper!

Sam Lindsey III [] writes...

My layout is considerably smaller. The main theme for my scenery is going from the swamp to the seashore with various things in between. Actually, I started working from the swamp (in the far corner of the layout) as far as scenery goes. Then there was about a 2 year hiatus – no good reason, just stopped. Finally, this year I have started up again. By the way, if you look at the swamp, you can see how – gosh! I just went to my web site and hadn’t realized how out of date it was. Will take some new photos and post them tonight!

At any rate, I used plexiglass to be the swamp water (with dark brown paint under the glass). I want to virtually cover the glass with water lilies, etc, but that is for a future time when the scenery is more complete. I also used ½” dowel cut down the middle for the “trestle” over the swamp. Hope you can see the alligator and the osprey nest!

The current plan is to keep the theme of a logging railroad, but add the extra themes of grain, oil, passengers, and cattle. Oh yes, I have an operating lighthouse that will be a star attraction on the other end of the railroad from the swamp.

I have gone from HO to O because of the handling and building requirements. So, when I went to O, I decided to go to the 3-rail system. A lot is not to scale, and a lot is just funny, but it’s my railroad. I hope to have a working giraffe car on the layout soon! Don’t know how that fits with the theme, but it will have to. My boys (23 & 31) demand it!

I have gone on way too much. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I hope your layout works out well. I am still trying to get my hands around the water part. I will actually have seashore with abandoned track and bridge (sand dunes) on one part of the layout.


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