Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planning Friday Night's Work Session

Time to put the yucky pink foam on the layout! Here is the cutting diagram. Click on it to enlarge.

This Friday the team will be doing the following:

  • Discussing the completion of the hammock (the Okefenokee name for a floating island, or the mobile section of the benchwork. Unfortunately my buddies can't help me work on it because I need it for my scenery and civil AP certificates.
  • Laying 3/8th plywood on the right hand wall, cutting it to fit and gluing it with Liquid Nails to the risers, limiting any screw holes that could leak water.
  • Sealing it with paint, making sure to tape off the wall.
  • Planning and pre cutting the foam. I've not nailed the depth of the foam down yet, so this could be hard. Will put down with Liquid Nails Latex Version
  • Plan for central computer placement and wiring
  • Plan for tree night for Bob at my house.
  • Remember to give Bob back his drywall tools
  • Scott to take pictures while we are working this time
  • Discuss best way to build the return loop (outside the room)
Stuff the guys needs to bring:
  • Extra saber saw
  • Wear painting clothes
Stuff I need to appropriate this week:

  • Paint or sealer for the plywood
  • Liquid Nails (check the shop first)
  • Liquid Nails for Projects
  • Sabre saw blades for plywood (check shop first)
  • Paint brushes
  • Healthy snacks and ice
  • Masking tape

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