Friday, April 24, 2009

A Night On The ONRR

I love train night! I live for it, in fact. Every train night with the NCIOG (North County Interchange Operating Group) I learn more and push myself more.

Tonight was Bob the Builder's night. The Ontario Northland is really slick. Bob is allergic to scenery, but he's about out of track to lay so its the next step in the progression. Wade was there tonight and he's a good scenery guy, so he and I began to plan and design.

The key to starting the scenery is the layout scenic divider. It is structural and will hold up scenery, so it has to be installed. We came up with a clever way of mounting it over the staging tracks using an L-girder system. I think it will work great!

I always learn so much. Packrat Paul was working on mechanical turnout linkages. He spent a great deal of time getting an education tonight and I look forward to downloading his knowledge so that I can use it on the swamp.

Ken got his knickname tonight! Poor guy was staining ties with a shoe polish/alcohol mix and accidentally bumped the fascia. Ink went all over him, the layout and the floor. We're calling him Coalfinger after the dark, stained hands he now owns.

Steve-bay is really kickin' butt with track laying! He spent the evening hand laying the yard trackage. He does really nice work. The psychologist is going to visit him later next week to see if his condition improves.

Meanwhile, Bob the Builder kept avoiding the scenery team until finally we cornered him and made him go cut some boards. I've volunteered to have a tree making party for him at my house and that might kick start him a little more.

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