Monday, April 6, 2009

Bob The Builder's Reply...

Scott, just thinking out loud:

1) why are we doing this, i.e. objective:
  • provide space to access the layout up to the wall due to it's depth > 30" reach.
  • be able to work on part of then layout away from the layout room entrance.
  • be able to transport part of the layout off site.
  • a fun and challenging thing to do.
2) How to do it:
  • make one or two rolling on casters module sections.
  • join with self aligning technique.
  • make joints away from turnouts and the less possible track sections.
  • max width of 35", preferably 34" wide.
  • max length of 6 feet.
3) Brainstorming ideas:
  • as drawn but instead of 9' long make one 6' and one 3'. Join where there are only 2 straight tracks
  • make two removable sections, one 6' long as drawn from the centre of room area and the other 6' in to the corner. Split at exactly between the two single cross-overs.
  • make two removable sections totaling 10'. One 4' long as drawn from the center of room area and the other another 16" towards the corner till the long joint contacts the wall for a length of 6'. Split at just to the end of the turnout on the inner line.
  • self align vertically with a ledge and horizontally with self aligning dowels.

My thoughts...

LOL - "fun and challenging" wasn't anything that I planned! I'm for simply and by the book! While two sections would do the trick, that is a lot of alignment work that I really don't want to fool with.

Tip: Take the time to analyze the task ahead. What are your goals and objectives? What alternative ways do you have to solving the problem? What ideas do your friends have? Then, which idea best solves your problem and does it the most simple or cost effective way (or matches YOUR skill set the best?) Great work, Bob!

I'm going to go to the basement tomorrow and take some measurements.
Maybe we can change the track configuration a little and make the module 8 feet in length instead of 9 or 10.

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  1. You guys are doing some great work. Scott, if you want to spread you time a little thinner I will come down and help you and you are more than welcome to come up and help me to put back together your last swamp layout. I have the space cleared out and hope to get it on it's legs within a week. The Sn3 layout is out and moved 200 miles north near Bristol, TN where I am helping to set if up. Pat


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