Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mr. Hopkins - Superintendent of the Waycross & Southern Railroad

John May Hopkins was educated at Thomasville in a branch school affiliated

with the Georgia State University, and after completing his course in that

institution, engaged in the study of law and subsequently was admitted to the

bar. Although thus qualified, Mr. Hopkins practiced but a short time, having

become interested in another direction. He was in charge of a survey party that

explored the Okefenokee swamp and made surveys and estimated the amount,

condition and quality of timber. After completing this survey he went to

northern Michigan to gain a practical knowledge of the lumber business, entering

the employ of Charles Hebard & Sons, lumber company, at their plant in Ba-raga

county, Michigan, and remained there until 1908, when he returned to Georgia to

establish the plant of The Hebard Cypress Company, at Hebardville, two miles

from Waycross, in Ware county, and here installed one of the most complete

plants of the kind in the whole country. This is a stupendous enterprise, 750

men being constantly employed, and the mills having a capacity of 125,000 feet

of lumber per day of ten hours. Of this plant Mr. Hopkins is the general

superintendent, and additionally he is general superintendent of the Waycross &

Southern Railroad.

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