Saturday, April 11, 2009

The AP Program

I'm getting fired up to complete the NMRA's AP Program. I've got several of them already and just need a few more to finish. I hate paperwork, so it has been something I really just ahven't enjoyed, but with a layout going on I can easily complete the requirements. A long time ago I had listed the things that I wanted to do to finish Master Builder - Cars. So here is what I'm planning to finish by the November contest in 2009. I'm already entering a model in this June's program, so I'll finish it before I get started.

1. Master Builder - Cars.

A. You must build eight operable scale models of railroad cars:

Build the following in On30 Freelanced Hebard Cypress:

1. Logging Flat Car – loaded with large log

2. Gondola Slab Car – loaded

3. Gondola Slab Car – loaded

4. Box Car – standard with interior

5. Box Car – standard with interior

6. Tank Car – old style

7. Combine Passenger Car – regular (Argent)

8. Combine Passenger Car – Jim Crowe (Argent)

1. There must be at least four different types of cars represented in the total of eight. One of these must be a passenger car.

Four different types are logging flat 1, gondola 2, box 2, tank 1, combine 2 = total 8

2. Each of the eight models must be super detailed with either commercial parts or scratch built parts (for extra points).

Each will be scratch build and detailed entirely using resin casting techniques. All cars will work off the same frame. The trucks will be scratch built as well as the couplers for extra credit. For my own purposes each will be cast for mass production, then detailed. Yosemite Valley prototypes will be used.

3. In addition to being super detailed, at least four of the eight models must be scratch built. The term "scratch built" implies that the modeler has done all of the necessary layout and fabrication that produce the final dimensions, appearance, and operating qualities of the model.

Each will be scratch build and detailed entirely using resin casting techniques. Wheels and axles may be the only kit item. Decals will be custom made.

4. The following parts are specifically excluded from the scratch built requirement:

1. Wheels - buy

2. Couplers – make link and pin

3. Light bulbs & electronics. - none

4. Trucks. – scratchbuild frames

5. Brake fittings. – scratchbuild

6. Marker lights & drumheads. - none

7. Paint, decals, etc. - ok

8. Basic shapes of wood, plastic, metal, etc. -ok

B. You must earn a score of at least 87-1/2 points on four of the eight models in either an NMRA sponsored contest or in AP Merit Award judging.

All eight models will be submitted for judging at a contest. Getting points for flat cars is tough because they are considered more easily built, so I’ll only make one of them. The base frame, however, will supply the platform for all of the other cars. The other hard area is 30” prototypes, which there are few. I’ll have to use similar styles of cars and back them up with drawings and photos. I’ll make a hand drawing of each one.

C. You must submit a Statement of Qualification (The SOQ forms are also available from your Regional AP Manager ) which includes the following:

· An attachment giving a detailed description of each of the eight models, including:

o Identification of all scratch built features

o All commercial components used

o Materials used in building the model

o If the model is a kit, whose kit is it?

· Verification of the Merit Awards (photocopies of the certificates)

· Photos of the model are helpful, though not required.

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