Tuesday, April 7, 2009

History of Logging In the Swamp - Hebard Cypress Company & South Georgia Cypress

Here is some of the Hebard Cypress Company's rolling stock:

Ware County, ca. 1913-1919. The "One spot" (second largest engine) ran alternate with the "Seven Spot" (largest engine) on the main line from Hebardville to Hopkins. Both engines were too large to run on the piling track that ran onto Billy's Island."--from field notes


Ware County, ca. 1910. Hebard Cypress Mill at Hebardville.


Ware, ca. 1920s. Employees of boarding house (Hebard Boarding House) and guests on Billy's Island.


Dougherty, ca. 1903-1910. Logs loaded so they could be transported by rail to the Red Cypress Lumber Company. Note the size of the logs compared to the size of the men in the photograph.


Screven County, ca. 1910. Group of men shown with 1,924 foot long cypress tree which was cut in Screven County.


Dougherty County, ca. 1903-1910. Red Cypress Lumber Company workers pictured with huge logs they have cut from this timber forest. The piece of machinery in the foreground may be a portable sawmill used in the cutting process. The logs were loaded in order to be transported by rail to the plant.


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