Saturday, May 2, 2009

Snacks During Session

During our team work sessions it is customary to have some kind of snacks and refreshements. The award goes to Bob's wife Halena who actually bakes goodies for us. I've been dieting and have to avoid the sweets and fats so I've tried looking into other things.

Last night I went to Subway and bought two subs and sliced them up. They went over well, as it was something different. Next time I'll be more careful as to what I put on them. I hated the mayo and the olives, Paul doesn't eat cheese or mayo, etc. But I liked them!

I always serve coffee and am the only one that usually does that. It is usually two 12 cup pots per night as the team likes it. When it gets hot that may be a different story. Water is always popular as well and we all provide that. Most of us provide sodas, diet versions being the most popular.

Got an idea for a snack or beverage? Leave a comment below.

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