Monday, May 18, 2009

Popsicle Rick Redo...

My friend Rick was just driven absolutely mad because I had photos of his layout with popsicle sticks supporting a retaining wall for the trains while his scenery was being constructed. Being the perfectionist that he is, I got this email today...


Ever since the field trip when you guys visited the Richlawn Railroad and did a very nice write up on your site, something was bugging me in the back of my mind..................and then I figured out what it was - the sticks! I'm not dis'n you, for it was a great article. As I looked at those popsicle sticks, I though what's next? - duck tape & bailing wire?
Sooooo, off to Home Depot I went and bought some clear plastic sheet. I made a jig, cut pieces "popsicle stick size" and replaced the wooden sticks with the clear plastic. Even though they are "temporary" (which could mean 6 months to 6 years!), they look much better as they virtually "disappear" from a distance! Thanks!

Ding Dong the sticks are dead!
Which old sticks? The popsicle sticks!
Here's a close-up view - Note in the background how much better it looks!

Here's what they looked like before the surgery...

I hereby christen Mr. Rick Wade to forever be....Popsicle Rick!

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  1. Brilliant! I read the description and though it sounded silly but it does really make a big difference in the second picture where most of what shows up in the photo is scenery.


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