Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clean Up! Everybody, Clean Up!

It's spring cleaning time in the basement. We've made a lot of saw dust over the past few months, so I thought I should do a clean up session. My daughter and our club mascot Taylor came down to help. She will be four years old next week and actually is a very good helper.

I vacuumed up the saw dust, put away tools, sorted screws and wood, and plugged up the dehumidifier. It is really really muggy in the basement today and raining outside. The back room where I store things is a little musty. So I opened up all the doors and kicked on the dehumidifier.

After a good floor sweep, a rounding up of coffee and drink cups and a few more cleaning jobs the basement is ready to be wiped out again! Yeah!

I made a list of some things I need to get at the store.

1 5/8 dry wall screws - one box
Regular pencils
A regular size pencil sharpener
2" masking tape
Flat counter sink bit without pilot drill
Spackle - small can
Belt sander belt (take old one with you!)

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