Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Okefenokee Book

I'm having a hard time keeping things organized. My research covers about four years and I'm finding that I'm losing books and files as well as photos. We have a new scanner now so I'm going to go all electronic from now on.

But first, I've got to sort out my electronic files and make some sense out of the mess. Right now I have Hebard Cypress files and photos, Okefenokee files and photos, Florida and Carolina logging files, old building pictures and tons of other stuff. Somehow this has to be cleaned up because I can't find anything.

Another thing I started today was to make the Okefenokee Book. I wanted a large ring binder manual that has all the pictures that I need to reference in it, plus a place to keep hard copies that I will use in the shop. I bought a 3" binder and put in dividers. Then I printed out my "Introduction to the Okefenokee Railroad Powerpoint presentation as it has my key thoughts and information as well as some photos.

While it seems a lot like work, and it is, being organized is critical to building a railroad. So take a minute and get a plan for organization!

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