Thursday, February 25, 2010

#001 06 Dr. Bank's Office - Inside the Office

I've had a bad night with my little one and finally have her in bed.  Jeez....what a night.

I'm too tired to model, so let's do some planning.  All of the photos I collected are now in a binder and one thing I need to do is to come up with a list of details to put inside the Doctor's office.  My plan is to scratchbuild most of them.  We'll just look at each picture and write down what we see.

Dr.'s Office Contents - Uncut

  1. Eye chart
  2. Roll top desk
  3. Rolling chair
  4. Patient chair 
  5. Exam table
  6. Glass cabinet for medical books
  7. Wall telephone box
  8. Magnifying glass
  9. Small stove
  10. Kettle
  11. Clock
  12. Skeleton on hanger
  13. Cabinet for tools - glass
  14. Cabinet for medicines - wood
  15. Doctor's bag
  16. Medicine bag
  17. Lunch basket
  18. Coat rack w/ hat & coat
  19. Jars with bandages, cotton balls, etc
  20. Oil lamp(s)
  21. Dental chair
  22. Medicine bottles
  23. Mortar & pestle
  24. Scales - balance
  25. Crutches
  26. Picture of Hippocrates
  27. Water bowl and towels for hand cleaning
  28. Patient
  29. Doctor Banks
  30. Balance scale for people weight
  31. Diploma in frame
  32. Candle
  33. Doctor's instruments
  34. Patient screen
  35. Whiskey
Wow, that is a lot of detail for a tiny little office.  Yet, most of the pictures I have show the office as a tiny little room, just like I'm building.  Going to have a tough time coming up with all of these.

The roll top desk will be a focal point, as will the exam table and curtain.  I expect to make the lamps really work using fiber optics.  Many of the details might have to be attached to the wall or floor before assembly.


Finding a Doctor might be harder than I thought, at least the white coated kind.  Naturally I checked out Arttista at first.  I also sent a note to my friend Alan Pollock at Fun & Games (The People People) to see if he has them.  We'll see what they both come back with.  Probably post it on the On30 Conspiracy Yahoo Group as well.

Blue Mountain contacted me off line, but they don't have a doctor.  In fact, nobody seems to have a doctor!  What's up with that?  Ok, time to get out the carving tools and make a greenie.  I hate carving figures, but this one is too key to the model.  I need the practice anyway.

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  1. I love this building.Great job on the constructon.


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