Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#001 05 Dr. Bank's Office - Framing

I'm using two new tools on the workbench tonight.  You can read my review here...

We're still framing the two long walls tonight.  The new Chopper II should allow me to get better cuts than I was getting on the old unit.  Let's see...

The right wall is now partially framed and drying.  The smaller boards are much more neatly cut than before.  You'll notice that the studs are not lining up with the diagram.  I actually had a hard time cutting the fire break boards to the proper dimension and so they are a bit long.  It won't matter though.

The left wall is a mirror image of the right.

Darryl Huffman uses a wider pair of tweezers than I normally use, so I grabbed a pair out of my toolbox and gave them a try tonight.  I do like them and find that I can hold a small piece for a longer time without my fingers cramping up.  Might switch.

Here is the left side with all the framing in place.  It went together well, so let's test fit the Grandt Line Window.

The window fits greats and will only need a little shimming, as does the prototype.

The right side is now done, and the window hole is the same dimension as the other wall.

Yup, the window fits!  Good!  The wall framing is done.  The next step is to add a guide board and stain some clap board!

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