Saturday, February 13, 2010

#001 01 Dr. Bank's Office - Found the Model

Doc Banks is the company physician.  He always calls himself a physician instead of a doctor.  Banks if from Philadelphia and worked with Hebard Lumber after he lost his practice due to a little gambling problem.  Often, after hours, you can find the good Doctor engaged in a game of cards.  Other times its hard to find ole doc Banks at all.

The doctor has his own office on Billy's Island, provided by the Cypress Company.  Anyone that is associated with lumbering can go see him.  Locals can even come in if they like, but they seldom do.

I've decided to build one of Darryl Huffman's "Miner's Bar" building for the doc.  The big windows and the sign board will serve him nicely.  We'll white wash it up for him and even put a caduceus on the sign.

The building is not too hard to build and if I make a mold of the interior structure I can rapidly reproduce these to make the logger's cabins.  It is a very flexible structure and I'll detail the interior.  Maybe I'll change the sign board a little, but the rest will work fine.

Darryl goes into great detail on how to build the structure in his dvd series Scratchbuilding In Wood.  You can read my review of the 4 DVD series by clicking on the link.

Meanwhile, Doc Banks is over at the engine house trying to scare up a game for tonight.

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  1. I love this structure! Simple, but full of character. Can't wait to see the finished item.



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