Sunday, February 21, 2010

#001 02 Dr. Bank's Office - Make Drawing


Tonight I began the drawings for Dr. Bank's Office.  First, I went searching on the internet for prototypes that matched Darryl Huffman's Miner's Bar.  There were quite a few including a historical preservation Doctor's Office that is almost identical to it!  

All in all about two dozen prototype outer photos and another dozen interior photos are in the files now.  Yes, I am detailing the interior.  It is a forefront model.

I made a few changes to the front of Darryl's building but the rest remains true to form.  For the NMRA contest we'll call this freelancing, and I'll use the prototype photos to back up the construction practice.

The big question is can it make 87.5 points even if I do an awesome job due to the complexity category.  I'm thinking board-by-board construction should get me there.

We'll begin construction in two weeks.

Your thoughts?

(Actually, I went and got the NMRA Judging Guidelines.  If I do a really good job on the finish and the interior detail, I should score between 88-91.  That will do!

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