Sunday, February 21, 2010

#001 03 Dr. Bank's Office - Drawings Complete

I finished up the drawings this morning in 3rd Plan It.  Here are snapshots.  Next, we'll need to buy some lumber and get busy!

As to NMRA AP scoring, I got my friend and NMRA SER Region AP Chairman Randall Watkins to pre-score this model.  What?  You haven't even built it.  Well, yeah.  But WHAT you are going to do, coupled with some assumptions, can yield a score!  I always do this exercise just to make sure I am STARTING with a model that can win 87.5 points. 

Per Randall Watkins:

More that 87.5,
CONSTRUCTION: Simple Model to Very Complex or Difficult.
I would say Somewhat Complex and your workmanship would be Bery Good.
27 to 29 Points. (my score 28)
DETAIL Complexity of Detail, I would say Moderate Detail and Easy-to Add
10 to 11 Points.  (my score 11) 
CONFORMITY: Do you have photos and/or plans, if no plans or documentation
a maximum of only 15 points. Your will have plans, the model will be Largely
prototypical to Completely Prototypical.
20 to 22 Points (my score 21)
Complexity is from Simple to Complex, this model i would say Moderate,
Your finishing would be Good to Better .
16 to 18 Points. (my score 17)
SCRATCH-BUILDING: (The good Part) The Complexity of this model would be Moderate
 and Completely Scratch built.
13 Points (my score 13)
I would score it 90 points.
Thanks, Randall!  I scored it and got a 91, so we're in the ball park.  Still not a lot of wiggle room, but judges usually score more flexibly than either I or Randall do.  Actually, I'm a tough judge, but gladly took 88 points on a kit I built once.
Off to the basement to get cracking!

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