Sunday, February 1, 2009

Truck Sideframe Casting

Man, is my shop a mess! I've got to spend a few hours to get it back in shape. The vertical milling machine is still in pieces and coffee drippings are on my electrical work bench. Yuck!

I spent some time today getting ready to cast some side frames. Steve-bay had a caboose or some other similar rail car that was missing all but one side frame. I sanded the back of the frame and mounted it in a metal tin using bathtub caulk. On the back of the truck I smear a very thin coat, just enough to hold the frame but not enough to distort the thickness. The caulk allows the master to be easily removed. When I mount it I push the sideframe down hard and squeeze all of the caulk that I can out from under the piece. Once it is dry I'll trim the excess caulk and pour the Dow silicone molding compound.

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