Saturday, February 28, 2009

A new model...

After working on the raffle layout I'm finding that my painting skills are a bit rusty. I've not build a kit in many years because I usually scratchbuild. So I went an bought a kit at Trainmaster Models.

Walther's Cornerstone Kit in HO
Champion Packing Co.
Cost $40.98

Tenax Glue $3.99
Testor's Enamel Thinner $8.00
Woodland Scenics figures
A1823 Dock Workers $9.79
A1867 Factory Workers $9.80
A1843 Hereford Cows $8.10

This is a very large kit with several hundred pieces.

Idea - take the sides of beek and cast them. There are only four in the kit and it would look more realistic if there were more on the dock being loaded.

Goal: to get my skills back and practice. Also to use Dr. Ben's pigment paints, which I've not used before. I have a complete set of them.

I opened the kit, examined the parts and read through the instructions.

Name of the new industry: Stamped Meat Packing Company, Slaughterhouse #5

The slaughterhouse fits well on a layout. It has a great deal of in and out traffic.

Inbound loads can be cattle, supplies, machinery, coal (furnace and power), packaging materials, ice, etc.

Outbound loads can be processed beef, fertilizer, hides, byproducts.

The structure doesn't come with everything. I'm going to add an ice house, cattle pen and walkways, clean out track for cattle cars, clean out track for reefers and a coal dock for the power plant.

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