Monday, February 16, 2009

Cast In A Bad Light

Crap! I hate it when things go wrong, which is usually every time I walk down to the shop. Today I checked on Steve-bay's casting of a side frame and the silicone had not set! For some reason the blend didn't work. I first thought that it was the temperature of the shop, then it was that the casting material was old.

But I finally found the reason when I went to make the mold again. The measuring cups furnished with the kit don't have the proper measuring marks! It would never work using the cups! So I chucked them and went back to weight measurement and repoured. It appears to be working nicely now and I'll make the frames later this week.

I've been using Alumilite's products for years and love them. I love their staff even more! They are always very helpful. Most always I weigh measure so I recommend that for you too.

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