Monday, February 16, 2009

Piedmont Raffle Layout

I have trouble making it to the Wednesday night raffle layout work session. Most of the time I'm on the road. So I volunteered this time to build some structures. I'm off for President's Day today so I put the finishing touches on two buildings.

I've worked on many of the Piedmont Raffle Layouts and have had several at my house. They are fun projects and are a good exercise in getting folks to actually build something. This year its an N-scale coal hauling line.

The first one is Walther's Clarksville Depot. I changed it to shades of gray to make it loo less conspicuous. I used light gray for the sides, and dark gray for the trim. It is not a showy building and doesn't sick out, which is what I wanted.

The other is the Model Power Brewery. This is a horrible kit, and not a very American building. But with some color changes it came out rather nice. The yellow brick is ghastly, but when you paint it oxide red, it really takes on a whole new feel.

Once I get these weathered I'll take some pix.

I'll finish the weathering and give them a coat of Dullcoat and they'll be good to go.

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