Saturday, January 31, 2009

Around the Wall in 80 Days...

Last night was a great evening. It started out slow with just Bob the Builder and I redesigning the rolling table portion of the layout. The new design is much better! Essentially it is a 30" rolling table about 8 feet long that can be rolled out of the room.

We got Steve-bay out of bed with a phone call and Packrat Paul came in a little later. We build most of the L-girders that we would need and proceeded to mount them on the wall. We were having trouble with Paul's laser level, well, actually the L girders were not perfectly flat so the laser level was slightly pitched. Since we couldn't really get a straight mounting line we decided to call it quits and wait for me to go rent a 360 degree laser. We need to do the drop ceiling as well, so I'm going to spring for a rental for a day and do it all.

Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal to be a little off, but when you are putting in so much "water" the layout has to be very level or it will all wind up on the carpet.

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