Friday, January 23, 2009


The men had a hard day today during our Holiday construction party.
Four of us hit it early this morning and drank 24 cups of coffee in
the cold Georgia air while we laid drywall. We built a small wall,
insulated the basement, installed dry wall, mounted electrical outlets
and basically abused each other verbally for every little
miscalculation and incorrect saw cut. What fun!

The swamp rooms are coming along nicely. We are still on target for
building benchwork in Mid-February, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile in the swamp...

The gators got cold and are deep in their holes. Some ice has
gathered around the now-brown lily pads. Eugene left the engine shed
early today so that he could chop more fire wood to keep the young'ens
warm tonight. Guess all seven of them will be sleeping under the big
quilt tonight.

Sweet dreams!
Scott Perry

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