Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little More Work Tonight

The benchwork is so close to being done! Taylor went to bed early so I headed back down to the shop.

This one little section is the last real structure. I built an L-girder a little earlier today and decided that my drawing had it closer to the wall than it needed to be. So I brought it out to 16 inches and fastened it down tight.
I added two joists and we are done. Didn't take long.
The fascia needs a mounting for the reverse curve here, so I added the supports as planned. I didn't take into affect that the furthest one now needs to be moved because I brought the L-girders out, so that will be fixed when we put the fascia in.

All done! This will be a nice inset curve, a necessity in order to get to the back side of the wye.

This little pocket also helps me to get better photos of the opposite side and to put in a backdrop for the town. Nothing on this layout is not planned.
Stupidity wasn't planned either. In my haste I didn't read the plan and cut this corner square. It should have been rounded. Luckily we saved the piece (thanks Bob!).

The piece fits after I cut the radius. Just need to support it. I put a 3" board across two L girders and drew a line where they supported the board, then sank 1 5/8" screws into the board.

The top plate was heavily glued into place. It will be very strong when the glue fastens and I'll sand it smooth and fill up the small corner hole.

All that is left now is to put the top coat of 1/4" plywood on the rest of the benchwork and secure the gurney, then sand and paint the top. We'll be laying track soon!

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  1. Scott,

    Looking good! You've made a lot of progress since I last visited.



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