Friday, June 19, 2009

I Built a Box!

There was no need to make coffee tonight. All my train buddies from the North County Interchange Operating Group (NCI) are over at Packrat Paul's for train night. Sweet Marie is drinking with the Bunco group across the street. So I'm baby sitting. Not that I mind staying with Taylor, mind you, but she is asleep at 7:30 and I can't make loud noises. Arrgh!

I took a picture of the coffee to remind me to buy some more and some creamer.
After the accident last week I took a look at the saw like Glue Bob recommended. He was right, this is a finishing blade and not a cutting blade. Still, it was a heck of a knot.

The cutting blade for wood has gaps for clearing wood chips. This blade is for moulding.

I'm working on the gurney tonight. My camera ran out of battery power, so there aren't many pictures. Essentially I need to build a rolling carriage under the gurney. It needs to be strong to handle moving, and heavy to avoid tipping over. I'm going to build a box fram with a 3/4" thick plywood base to mount the castors on. Then I'll extend legs from the top frame to the box, and add another small shelf in the middle.
The frame is built on top of the 26" x 48.5" sheet of plywood using 3/4" plywood ripped to 3" boards. All joints are glued and screwed.
This "box" or fram will hold the legs and the castors. It will also hold items that I want to transport with the module.
I started putting an additional pad glued to the base to hold the castor bolts, then realized after I had drilled one that the castor mounting bolts weren't that long. I had to pull them up.
Then I realized the castors didn't come with a top nut. Damn. Ok, when nothing is going right, go upstairs and go to bed. More tomorrow!

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