Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gator's Bait Shack 02

Normally I start with a prototype structure. It is rare that I freelance. In this case I want to make and exception because I want something with a uniquely creepy charm to it. Ok, well, I actually did start with a prototype structure in a way.

This is the Chesser's Cabin on Chesser Island. It has been preserved and this is how it appears today. It has a lot of character and I'll be using a lot from this structure. Notice the cypress wood used in construction. The building is elevated on wood stump sections, instead of rocks which are no where to be found in the swamp. I expect that Gator's shack will not be so well kept and would not be sitting in the middle of the island like this, but closer to the water where his customers would want him to be. Notice the white and sandy soil.

Here is the Chesser compound. Notice the dark greens and bright white colors! This ariel shot is excellent!

Once I've looked at structures similar to what I want, I grab the sketch book. My first quick drawing was of a standard building. This one has absolutely no character or appeal and I kicked it out immediately.

As I often do, I analyze the business first. What do they sell? Who do they sell it too? What products are made on sight? What do they bring in? When you start asking yourself these questions you start to understand what the business does. So instead of working on the structure, I started on what the needs of the business might be. We need docks. We need still. We need bait ponds. All of a sudden the Gator's Bait Shack Compound comes to life!
After sketching out the very rough compound diagram, I start trying to put it into a 3-D image. I'm still on the charcoal pencil and sketch book stage. As you can see the massive cypress trees will overcast much of the shack. Just about the level of creepy I want, but way to much like a business than just a guy trying to get by. Needs more work.

Things I want to include in the shack...

  1. Alligator hydes drying on the side of the building
  2. Outhouse
  3. Moonshine still
  4. Pole boats and oars for rent
  5. Board walk
  6. Plank walk way
  7. Bait pond for raising minnows
  8. Well with counterbalance pole
  9. Washtubs for catches
  10. Cypress wood planking
  11. Screen windows and doors
  12. Chairs on the porch
  13. Night lanterns illuminated
  14. Piling construction around dock
  15. Fishing gear and hunting gear
  16. Old metal signs
  17. Stick chimney
  18. Tin roof
  19. Red light
Interior detail of shack
  1. Sales counter
  2. Guns and ammunition
  3. Fishing gear
  4. Animal heads on the wall and fish mounted
  5. Bedroom for Gator
  6. Wild Mabel's bedroom
  7. Poker table
  8. Wood slat chairs
  9. Vittles cooking
  10. Moonshine jars
Got some other good ideas? Drop them in the comments section!

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  1. Scott,
    Can't wait to see it come to life! I was thinking about your RR and what came to mind immediately is lighting. You probably already know this, but if you want creepy, lighting (low level or lack of) is real important; more so than on "standard" model RRs.

    I'm thinking not overhead, but hidden low level areas of light right where you need them.



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