Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Quiet - Where Did Scott Go?

For those that don't know my wife and I are expecting our second child in the spring. Naturally this screws up my modeling. That and I'm working a lot more thanks to the swine flu.

So, to keep from spending major funds on the swamp and to use up a lot of HO stuff that I already have, I've designed a small layout called the Dixie Central. My main goal is to use this layout to help me get three or four more AP certificates with the NMRA.

It's got its own blog spot, so come join us! I started construction today.

Follow along here...


  1. Wow! Your still makeing impressive progress. I like you're idea of small too, I don't think many Brits would call that a small layout. I wish I had half as much space as you!

  2. I find European modeling styles to be very interesting. The focus on quality over quantity is refreshing and I've never seen a bad layout over there. I grab your hobby magazines whenever I can.

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