Sunday, August 16, 2009

More O Scale Parts

Gator's Bait Shack is going to take a lot of details. My first stop will probably be my buddy Pat Turner at Turner Model Works. He usually has everything I need.

My next stop is Keith Wiseman at Wiseman Model Services:

I love O scale because there are a lot of parts available, but if what you need should not be available, then it is large enough you could produce it yourself. Most likely I will make my own pole boats, alligators and other native Okefenokee parts. Drums, barrells, chairs, and your normal everyday items will come from the parts dealers.

Got a favorite O scale parts house? I love to have the link!


  1. Come on up and pick out your parts in person. We would love to have anyone that would like to come up. Yes, that is an invation. Pat

  2. Doesn't sound like you are going to do any weathering!


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