Friday, March 5, 2010

#007 01 Dr. Bank's Office - DISASTER!!!

!@#$#@$%@#%  I hate this kinda stuff!  But it happens.  Every model I've ever built had a set back of some kind.  The hours I put in to building two board by board walls just went up in flames.  I properly mixed the silicone mold compound, but apparently it was too old and it didn't set properly.  Basically what you see above is a sticky, gummy mess.  The boards cannot be removed from it.

Back to the drawing board.  The good thing is that I can focus on doing a much better job this time around!  We learn from our mistakes.

1.  Throw old chemicals out, especially silicone mold compound and resins, after one year.

2.  Only cast ONE WALL AT A TIME.  That way you don't destroy both walls like I did.

3.  Cut your loss.  Don't be mad.  Just laugh at it as experience and jump right back on the Chopper.

4.  Don't show your friends that come over the cool mold you made and then let them see this mess.

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