Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Updated Priorities List

  1. Trim back the tight aisle area
  2. Build cypress stumps
  3. Build cypress knees
  4. Install 1/4" flat top on gurney
  5. Install ceiling lights
  6. Install drop ceiling
  7. Install HVAC ducts
  8. Install gurney locking mechanism
  9. Build outside return loop
  10. Build trial 2 x 2 scenery test
  11. Conduct swamp water tests
  12. Sand, caulk and seal all benchwork top
  13. Paint the entire gurney
  14. Cove back two walls
  15. Install DCC power shelf
  16. Build cypress trees
  17. Build cypress low relief trees for backdrop
  18. Purchase backdrop material and paint/install
  19. Lay foam islands
  20. Install trackwork
  21. Wire in main DCC bus

The NMRA is coming in 2013! I've got to hustle!

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