Sunday, January 3, 2010

Engine House Under Construction

There is a new kit about to be released for an O scale small enginehouse and I've got a pre-production model that I'll be assembling over the next few weeks.  Will give you a peak when I get done unless it is classified.  So if I'm not posting its because I'm playing 007 in the basement.


Well, maybe not so secret.  It is advertised on Dr. Ben's Scale Consortium!

Go have a look!


  1. I am interested in the things that are to be included in Billy's Island. My husband's family lived there for many years. I have been trying to find a map that shows all of the things that you are saying are going to be included in your Billy's Island.

  2. I've just posted the map of Billy's Island for you and my layout design with the included structures that I plan to build. Would love to hear more about your husband's family and see pictures of anything you happen to have!

  3. When you first get on Billy's Island there is a map there that shows where everything used to be. That is the map that I would like to have. I am sure it is stored somewhere but I haven't found it and I don't have a camera good enough to duplicate it. My husband's grandfather was Harrison Lee


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